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How We're Working During Covid-19

We believe that being onsite with our clients is a mutual risk we're both taking. Being open and honest about how careful we've been (or not) is crutial to 1) a customer being comfortable with us entering their home, and 2) us being comfortable, from the opposite angle, entering the home.


We're overly cautious of avoiding the virus due to having a high-risk person in our family, so we've been taking all reasonable cautions when we go out.


While we gave away most of our R95 masks to our favorite nurse, we did keep a small handful for ourselves; to keep us safe from inhaling harmful dust while we sand, and fumes while we paint.

We're used to wearing masks while we work and you won't find us without our masks on while we're in your home...ever. We also carry hand sanitizer, which we use use prior to entering your home, or after we've left.

Finally, we have committed to only having either one of our owners in your homedoing the work...there will be no hired employees present, and NOBODY will be working if they are known or suspected to have the virus.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact Reb at

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