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At REB we are all about saving you money, time and any hassle during your kitchen cabinet refinishing project, all while helping protect our environment.  Our process is simple, we reuse and repurpose what you already own (avoiding the landfill), saving you thousands of dollars in expensive, time consuming remodels, while using only water based, eco-friendly, high quality refinishing materials.  And this is how we do it...

  • To start, we offer a free quote, including an extensive color consultation at your home.

  • After you decide REB is for you, with a deposit down, we schedule a time for your cabinet refinishing project to be executed.  A typical kitchen project takes 3 business weeks start to finish, with the majority of the work being done off site so you have full use of your kitchen during the process.  This amount of time allows for our high quality cabinet paint to cure properly.  A furniture project takes typically a week to ten days.

  • At the start of your project we will come and take down your cabinet doors and drawer faces and remove any hardware, to bring back to our shop, leaving you full use of your space during the majority of the refinishing process.  We will at that time also prep, sand, prime and paint your casings.  Approximately 4 days total in your home.  This is the only time we ask you to stay out of the space as much as possible.  (A great excuse for takeout!)

  • Your cabinetry or furniture is refinished using Benjamin Moore's top of the line "Advance" paint.  We do not refinish using any stains or other oil based refinishing materials.

  • Once we've left your home and during the time your casings are curing, we return to our shop with your doors and drawer faces and sand, prime and paint them for an additional week.   

  • Once the doors and drawers are cured for a week, we return and rehang everything.  And as simple as that, you have a new kitchen or bathroom!

  • Furniture projects must be delivered to our shop and picked up by owner when complete.  If you need help arranging delivery just ask!

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